Who we are

  A young, dynamic, creative team, parents of happy children and always eager to play, a family business started in 2015, focused on making children's clothes with special design and carefully selected materials to allow total freedom of movement of the little ones. We have gathered around us the best people, true professionals, specialized both in making digital prints and in the execution of the most complex details, all in a workshop equipped with new, state-of-the-art technologies.

What we offer

We founded the business out of the desire to offer our customers ceremonial, fairytale clothes, made with great attention to detail, clothes in which the little ones feel like characters from fairy tales with princes, princesses and knights, but at decent costs, accessible to all parents. This is how our first brand was born, Hummingbird Kids, which quickly won the hearts of both young and old. Colibri Kids has raised the self-esteem of our little customers, cured shyness and shaped character, which gave us the confidence to continue and launch the brand Kippio.

Kippio means freedom of movement to the superlative!

They are ready-made clothes, light, light, comfortable, made of natural materials, soft and friendly to the sensitive skin of the little ones, which allow breathing and prevent sweating and irritation, or of technical materials, specially designed for outdoor usethat keep cold and dampness at bay. Brand philosophy Kippio is based on two fundamentals that are very important to us: the simple and light cut/design and quality materials (cotton, linen, melted canvas, waterproof softshell etc).

Where we are

We take pride in each of our products with the following written on the label "Made in Romania", a magical country with high mountains, glacial lakes, but also with coastline and long beaches, the land of over 1300 castles, the land of the legendary Count Dracula, the land of fairy tales with beautiful girls and Cosanzene Ilene. We are the country where they were born, grew up and grew up the great Brancusi, Ion Tiriac, Nadia Comaneci, Hagi, Inna, Simona Halep and many other values appreciated and loved all over the world. We are part of Europe, we are Europeans!

We are just a click away from you and can ship Kippio products to any corner of Europe in 1-3 working days.