How to choose children's clothes for the cold season

    Every season has its advantages for children. Little ones can enjoy the rain, puddle jumping, snow, just as much as they enjoy warm summer days. They say there's no such thing as bad weather, just the wrong clothes. Yet how do you choose your children's clothes for the cold season?

    Perhaps you're wondering how many clothes a child's autumn/winter wardrobe should contain? Or how thick he should be dressed so he's warm but can move around freely. There's no need to buy lots of clothes, just choose a few quality clothes made from the right materials and your child will be ready for fun!


What should you consider when choosing children's cold weather clothes?

1. Child's age

    Babies don't move around much outside as they sit in strollers or are carried in carry systems. They are covered either by a blanket or the jacket of the person carrying them in the system. Older children move around a lot, run, jump in puddles, climb or slide, so they sweat more and need comfortable, waterproof and breathable clothes.


2. How much time your child spends in nature

    Maybe your little one goes outside every day and spends a few hours playing, regardless of the weather. Maybe you like to go on mountain hikes and long nature walks. Maybe you go outside when it rains and the kids jump in puddles or play in the mud. Or maybe your child spends less time in nature and more time on the playground or in the backyard. If the time spent in nature is longer, then you need to choose technical fabrics, clothes waterproof, easy to fold so it doesn't take up much space in your backpack.

3. What activities does the child do every day outside

    How intensively does the child use these clothes? How easily can they put them on themselves? Does he or she go to a nursery that does its activities in nature, whatever the weather? For them, comfortable and warm overcoats, short waterproof jackets, or even a soft and warm sweatshirt that allows them freedom of movement are necessary.


4. In which area do you live

    If you live in the mountains, in areas where it rains more often or where the weather is unpredictable, you need water and wind resistant clothing that is thermally comfortable.

5. Children's degree of independence

    If the child can dress himself, it is easier for him to put on a jacket or coat. 

6. Travelling by car

    If the child is travelling by car, the jacket must be removed for the child's safety. The layers under the jacket should help him feel comfortable during the journey.

How do you dress your child in the cold season?

    There's no need to dress children in thick clothes so they can't move around freely or sweat when playing. Thermal comfort and freedom of movement are the most important criteria to consider when choosing children's clothes.

    The secret lies in the layers and the materials they are made of. The base layer should be made of child-friendly materials. The middle layer can be a fleece or a lightweight jacket. This middle layer is most effective if used during rest periods to maintain the heat already generated by the body.

    The child can run in the base and outer layers, and the milo layer is added when the child is riding or resting to prevent sudden body chill. The outer layer should be made of technical fabrics suitable for the cold season: fabric, fleece, softshell, shell, etc.
    For the outer layer you can opt for flippers, for playful hoodies made of coir dino or for softshell coats. 

With the right clothes, no weather, no matter how fickle, will stand in the way of fun plans. Choose the right clothes for your child and they'll enjoy the beauty of every season!

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