Choose your children's clothes made of natural materials

Choose your children's clothes made of natural materials
  • products made of 100% natural materials - allow the skin to breathe, no irritation, and no chemicals (OEKO TEX certification)
  • natural fiber clothes that keep their freshness and original colors even after several washes
  • quality, natural materials with endurance - an investment worth the money


When you are a parent, you are often faced with decisions about a healthy lifestyle for your child. Choice is the key word for parents interested in the safety of their children. You choose the best kindergarten or school for your child, the most natural and healthy food, quality toys, natural care products and, last but not least, clothes made of friendly materials with the sensitive skin of the little ones.

Which materials are friendly to sensitive skin of children?


Probably, for the most part, we choose our clothes, depending on the aesthetic or price factor. But when it comes to children, the choices should go beyond these aspects and prioritize the material from which the clothing item is produced.

Children have delicate skin and many of them have problems with atopic dermatitis, so their clothes should be made of natural materials, such as cotton or linen, that do not endanger their health.

Cotton is one of the oldest cultivated fibers and, at the same time, one of the most used natural textures in making clothes, nowadays. Cotton is non-allergenic, absorbs and removes moisture easily. Thus, during wearing, the body remains airy. Because it withstands high temperatures, baby clothes made of cotton can be sterilized without problems.

Linen or Flax is another natural material, which is a good choice for making clothes for little ones. Flax fibers allow good air circulation and keep the distance between the fabric and the skin, so linen clothes are ideal during the summer. The strength, softness, and fine texture of these natural fibers make linen clothes very popular.


Why choose clothes made of natural materials?


First of all, clothes made of 100% natural fabrics are very comfortable. Children feel at ease when they wear them. They are very suitable for the warm season because they allow the skin to breathe and maintain body temperature at a normal level. Children have a lot of energy and can run, without anything spoiling their playfulness.

Secondly, clothing made from natural materials means durability over time, which is better than those made from synthetic materials. Often, children's clothes show food stains, colors, traces of mud. Even after several washes, natural fiber clothes retain their original freshness and colors.

In addition, chemicals in synthetic materials come in contact with the skin and can affect children's health. Having very delicate skin, children are more liable than adults to various allergies. Natural materials protect the skin, not being chemically treated.

Not to mention the fact that the manufacturing process of synthetic clothing is much more polluting than that of natural fiber clothing. Also, most natural fibers are biodegradable, so they decompose much faster than synthetic fibers (mostly made of plastic).

Another advantage, not to be neglected, is the fact that, over time, the purchase of clothes made of quality materials is a much more advantageous investment, due to the much longer period of use.


So, when you buy clothes for children, you also consider their safety and comfort, along with the aesthetic and price criteria.


! Read carefully on the label details about the composition of the materials, before purchasing a new piece of clothing.


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