About us

Who we are:

   A young, dynamic, and creative team, parents of happy kids always full of energy and playfulness, a family business started in 2015, focused on designing and creating children's clothes using carefully selected materials to allow total freedom of movement for them.

   We gathered around us the best people, true professionals, specialized both in creating digital patterns as well as in the execution of the most complex details, all in a workshop equipped with the latest generation technologies.

What we offer:

   We launched our business with the purpose to offer our clients ceremony clothes for the little ones, fabricated with great attention to details, clothes to make them feel like they are in a fairytale with princes, princesses, and knights, but still at a reasonable price, accessible to all parents.

   This is the story of our brand ColibriKids which quickly won the hearts of the little ones as well as the big ones. ColibriKids helped increase our little customers’ self-esteem, cured shyness, and shaped their characters – and this gave us the confidence to continue and launch the Kippio brand.


Kippio means freedom of movement at its best!


   The clothes are specially designed to increase children’s’ joy of playing; they are light, comfortable, and easy to wear. Our products are made of natural fabrics – soft and skin sensitive friendly, allowing it to breathe, and to prevent perspiration and irritation, or made of technical fabrics specially designed for the outside – to keep cold and moisture away.

   The Kippio brand philosophy is based on two important principles for us: a simple and comfortable cut/design and high-quality fabrics (for e.g. cotton, linen, cotton gauze fabric, waterproof softshell fabric, etc.).

   Most Kippio clothes can be customized with the child’s name which both increases his/her individuality and emotion as well as turns them in their favorite clothing items.

Where we are:

   We are proud of every label we created on which is written “Made in Romania” – a magnificent country with mountains, glacial lakes, but also with beautiful seaside and beaches, known as the country of 1300 castles, or of the legendary count Dracula; the country of fairy tales with handsome princes and princesses as Ileana Cosânzeana.

   This is the country were worldwide known personalities were born and grew up like Brancusi, Ion Țiriac, Nadia Comaneci, Hagi, Inna, Simona Halep and many more others. We are part of Europe, we are Europeans!


   We are one click away from you and we can send Kippio products to any corner of Europe in 1 to 3 working days.